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Harvard-Trained Doctor Develops Evidence-Based Nutraceutical, JIVA(TM) Lutein, to Protect Against Eye Strain and Maintain Healthy Vision
August, normally a popular month to take time off from work, is suddenly seeing less and less vacationers. If you combine the pressure to be available at work 24/7 with the fact that technology is rapidly invading our both personal and work lives, and compound that with sky-high gasoline prices, it is no wonder that Americans are taking less and less time off to recreate!

The fact is, 35 percent of the adult workforce are not taking their allotted amount of vacation! And, at an average of two weeks per year, this is less than half of what Europeans get to begin with! Unfortunately, working long hours or spending long periods of time in front of a TV or computer screen without taking time to refresh has negative consequences on an individual's health. For example, eye strain has become increasingly common among office workers who must work with computers all day long. And though no one can bottle a vacation, Essence of Life, LLC(TM), makers of JIVA(TM) Lutein, an evidence-based nutraceutical that protects against eye strain and maintains healthy vision, offers some relief!

Eye strain, formally referred to as asthenopia, is defined as weakness or fatigue of the eyes. When a person engages in a visually intensive task, such as focusing on a computer screen, the inner muscles of the eye tighten. If the tightening is short-lived, the muscles relax when the task is completed. However, if the muscles are contracted continually, the result can be sore, tired and burning eyes, headaches, neck pain, blurred or double vision, and difficulty shifting focus. A survey conducted by the American Optometric Association found that 41 percent of respondents have suffered from eye strain. Clearly, Americans need ocular help, and Dr. Vijaya Nair, a Harvard-trained doctor and former professor of epidemiology at Columbia University School of Public Health, has the answer: JIVA(TM) Lutein.

JIVA(TM) Lutein features an all-natural cast of research-backed ingredients, including lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, bilberry, and vitamin A. Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidant pigments found in the macula of the eye, where they act as a screen that filters out harmful blue light. In fact, the macular region of the retina is yellow in color due to the presence of these pigments. A relative of blueberry, bilberry relieves the effects of eye strain and improves circulation to the eyes, which contain an intricate network of tiny blood vessels. Research conducted on Royal Air Force pilots during World War II found bilberry improved nighttime visual acuity, adjustment to darkness, and ability to focus after exposure to glare. Lycopene is another protective antioxidant pigment found in eye tissue. Animal research indicates lycopene protects the clarity of the lens of the eye. Vitamin A has long been recognized for its role in supporting healthy vision.

"All JIVA(TM) products are formulated to help people address the practical problems of living a modern lifestyle," says Dr. Nair. "I recommend JIVA(TM) Lutein to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer or television. But it's also a great preventive product that can protect vision into old age." Considering that the average American spends more time every day staring at a computer or television screen than sleeping, JIVA(TM) Lutein has arrived just in time.

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